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Renee Ashley Baker

Washington DC
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Reply with this quote Reply to this Post Posted:  Aug 11, 2007 11:06 AM
Hey--What Happened To the Women? So--anyway--who do "you" think should win and who do you think "will" win? I'm certain that everybody thought that "Zach" was a "shoe in" but--he's gone. Shalini was a "slow start" for me but then she made "Laughing Out Loud" (which--had problems--but showed she had awsome potential). And--though I didn't like "rapper boys" (because I HATE rappers) Jason does the "most superior" camera work of all of the contestants. In fact, Jason does better camera work than some "so called established, credited directors". And Adam--he's "still" a front runner for me because of "Army Guy" (which was perfect for it's slapstick comedy camera work). My personal opinion of the competition overall is that "all " of the contestants want to "hurry up and get to the end of the story". They all want to hurry up and get to what "they think" is the big pay off. This is, wrong, wrong, wrong. All of these contestants seem to be "scared" to sit the camera on the story (and on the actors) until the "end of the story". Which--I believe is--dare I say it--because of the "myspace video mentality" that calls for "telling a story quickly" instead of telling it in 2 hours and 30 minutes like you're supposed to. I have written a screenplay that I plan to "Executive Produce" for release in movie theatres worldwide via Disney (formal announcements to follow). Visit my video page at: Signed, Renee Ashley Baker

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